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STeMiN™ : Human Adipocyte Conditioned Media Extract

STeMiN™ is an adipose-derived stem cell conditioned media extract developed by CEFO.
CEFO has a series of patents on cosmetic effects of STeMiN™ such as whitening, elasticity enhancement, regeneration, anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation. Safety of STeMiN™ has been proven by animal toxicity tests and human patch tests in accordance to kFDA guidelines.

  • Whitening effect Melanin inhibition of human Melanocytes by STeMiNTM * Melanogenesis was reduced to 60% of control and
      to 50% of arbutin
  • Increased elasticity by STeMiN™ Level of Collagen mRNA Expression of Dermal Fibroblasts by STeMiNTM * Collagen synthesis increases by more than 400%.
  • Anti-wrinkle, anti-pigmentation, pore tightening * STeMiN treatment for 3 months
  • Anti-wrinkle, anti-pigmentation * STeMiN treatment for 2 weeks
    Acne scar removal * STeMiN treatment for 2 weeks
  • Anti-wrinkle, anti-pigmentation, pore tightening

    * Alleviation of Atophy Symptoms
    * STeMiN™ treatment for 10 days

Patent list

  • Anti-inflammation (Korea 10-1646236; PCT/KR2014/001977)
  • Skin regeneration (Korea 10-1623189)
  • Whitening (Korea 10-2013-0156507)
  • Collagen synthesis and elasticity enhancement (Korea 10-2014-0038536)
  • Anti-oxidation (Korea 10-2014-0038533)

All procedures to produce STeMiN™ meet the guidelines for human cell, tissue and cellular and tissue-based product establishments.

We meet the Bioethics and Safety Act for human tissue preparation in Korea

Possible applications
  • Skin care
  • Essence & ampule

  • Skin care
  • Mask pack
  • Products: STeMiN™
  • Size: Medium: 76 x 76 x 177 (mm)
  • Weight or volume: 500ml /bottle
  • Ingredients: Human Adipocyte Conditioned Media
  • Manufacturing country: South Korea


3ml X 5 / set

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