Original technology

CEFObio Co., Ltd. is aiming to obtain the product approval for Off-the-shelf drugs and cell therapy agents with the proven clear mechanisms of action.
  • Allogeneic cell therapyagent with prediction/quality control possible

    Allogeneic cell therapyagent with prediction/quality control possible

    · This is a cell therapy agent as a drug, not a procedure.

    · Becausethe quality control (QC) is completed and stored in the frozen state, the Off-the-shelf drug can be realized.

    · Since the allogeneic (other people's) cells are used rather than the autologous cells (the patient's own), the donor selection is possible, and the high-quality raw material can be secured.

    · Umbilical cord, the cleanest tissue in the human body, is used, and we have the confirmation indicators that enable the purity control.

  • High yield rate/economical production

    High yield rate/economical production

    · It is possible to operate the MCB (Master Cell Bank) in compliance with the advanced regenerative medicine and the biopharmaceutical laws.

    · Our product has a superior yield rate compared to the other mesenchymal stem cells. Also, the cell banks can use the cells from Passage 1 and thefinished medical products can do the cells of early passages.

    · By securing the economic feasibility through the mass production, we are overcoming the limitations of first-generation cell therapy agents that have been released so far.

  • GMP of our own

    GMP of our own

    · We produce thetherapeutic agents in our own GMP facility, which has received the manufacturing license for the advanced biopharmaceuticals.

    · In the GMP production processes based on R&D know-hows, the culture media and enzymes developed by our own technology are used.

    · This therapeutic agent is the ready-made allogeneic cell therapy agent and is produced in advance and cryopreserved, so it is not limited by theCapacity.

We are extracting and culturing the cells from various tissues through our unique know-hows and through the development of culture elements optimized for each cell. By securing a large quantity of primary culture cells with homogeneous performance and banking the cells, we can supply the cell strains of both research use and GMP grade.









  • HDP


  • HF


  • PDL


Cell low-temperature preservation technology (CEFO-vive)

This is the cell preservation composition that allows the short-term storage without freezing while maintaining the cell animal-free property and non-heterogeneity.
This maintains the high cell viability and allows the stable storage without changes in cell shape or surface expression factor.

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